Dr Challoner’s High School is a thriving and vibrant community, with a      superb reputation for academic success. We provide a happy, caring and   purposeful environment in which every girl can seek personal fulfilment of their many and varied goals. We recognise that learning is inherently joyful and liberating, so we seek to foster an enduring love of learning. 

As our world changes at an exponential rate, there is a pressing need to learn throughout life. At Challoner’s, we believe that we have a responsibility to ensure that girls are empowered with the skills and attributes to thrive in the 21st century - to support their developing curiosity, courage, imagination and enthusiasm for innovation.  Positive and supportive relationships lie at the heart of this ambition and together we dare to imagine that there are no ceilings to success.  Please click here to view our video prospectus.

Message from the Head Girl

 It is such a privilege to be Dr Challoner’s fifty-first Head Girl and to have the opportunity to work with the prefects, teachers and parents to underpin and develop the work done  by the previous Head Girl Team and the school’s ethos of educating, enriching and enabling girls to realise their potential.
I appreciate what Challoner’s has done for me over the years, and appreciate equally what I have seen the school do for others. We are all incredibly fortunate to be part of a school community where we are challenged to realise our academic potential, but are also supported and encouraged to explore interests beyond the curriculum. I never fail to be impressed by the interests and abilities of Challoner’s girls.
The team and I will be working hard this year to develop everything Challoner’s does for charity to build a legacy of social responsibility through our school societies and guest speakers, whilst encouraging girls to use their education to benefit others. We will also be developing many other ideas and exciting events so look out for these in the upcoming year!
Anna Sanders




OFSTED Inspection Report 2012 


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